Totally Handmade Artisan Trinkets: The 5 W’s

Everyone knows the 5 W’s, or at least it was ingrained in my brain forever in elementary school. Who, What, Where, When and Why. I think the biggest question you might have for us is Why. Let’s start at the beginning though.
Totally Handmade Artisan Trinkets (or affectionately otherwise known as T.H.A.T.) came to be out of a love of all things local and most importantly all things handmade. There is so much amazing talent in this capital city of ours that one might not realize until they enter the craft fair scene.
1. Who – Who do we want to promote? We want to promote the amazing artisans that live in the Ottawa area that make handmade products and that want to promote themselves.

2. What – Anything handmade. It can be any kind of product, if you’ve made it, we want to know about it!

3. Where – If you live in the Ottawa area (there are no defined lines of where you have to live but in general close to the Ottawa area).

4. When – T.H.A.T. Team will be trying to make blog posts at minimum once a week (I mean, that is a fair goal to start with right?).

5. Why – The best part is why. Because of a sincere love for our city and the amazing people that make even more amazing products that live in it. Because I bet you there are several people out there who have no idea that they can get an amazing jar of locally made salsa, or a great kick me in the butt and get my day started cup of coffee, or a delectable treat that you can eat, even though you have those pesky food allergies! And what about those locally make skin care/beauty products that make you look, feel and smell beautiful, and those amazing handmade decorations or furniture or baby clothes! Okay I think you get the point of why already. Simply there are so many amazing local artisans that deserve some attention.

If you want to get your name out there, just simply follow this link and fill out the survey and then e-mail us pictures of your work and you will be notified when your business will feature on our blog.
Until next time folks keep supporting local!
T.H.A.T. Team signing off on our first T.H.A.T. Blog post!

We will leave you with this:
support local

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