The Unplugged Crocheter


The Unplugged crocheter Amy, found herself watching tv one night with her significant other and discovered they were both playing on their phones instead of communicating, so she decided to make a change and boy aren’t we glad she did!

“So I started to crochet instead of playing on my phone while sitting with friends or watching TV and my relationships with my friends, family and partner became so much stronger. I fully encourage you all to unplug and pick up something different!”

While we all spend a lot more time indoors this winter why don’t we try and pick up a new hobby or try a new craft. Youtube videos are a great place to start and of course, there is always Pinterest to provide you with a never ending amount of ideas.

With the big snowfall yesterday I am sure everyone is scrambling to pull out their winter gear, so why not spoil yourself and pick up a new infinity scarf or cowl from The Unplugged Crocheter.

“I love the cold and bundling up in fun new scarves and warm clothes”

Amy’s favourite item to make is the large chunky scarves and they are made with gorgeous yarn. Amy is your typical crocheter in that she has to touch and feel all the balls of yarn before she purchases them, so each scarf is soft and luxurious to the touch. Her least favourite item to make is probably mittens. When asked what her locally made weakness it she couldn’t decide between Totally Squared (how are their squares so good!) and Scruff Collars (her collars are just beyond cute and practical! Not something you can find easily). Her advice for someone just started out is one we can all take to heart:

“Don’t expect yourself to be perfect at everything right off the bat. Everything takes practice but once you get the hang of it, you can make anything!”

Want to see the Unplugged Crocheter in person? You can find her this Saturday at the Wakefield Christmas Market, which is an Old fashioned, European-style Christmas market in the village of Wakefield, Quebec. The event runs from 3pm-7pm at 831 Ch Riverside, in Wakefield, Quebec.

You can also visit her Facebook Page or e-mail her at

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