Little Voice

At the last T.H.A.T. Craft Fair on March 21st I had the immense pleasure of spending some time talking to Amanda Bernardo, who is the mastermind being the children’s book Little Voice. You can tell from the way she speaks that she is extremely passionate about the book.

“I’ve always been a passionate writer. Finally one day, I found the courage to listen to my own little voice to share my writing with other people”


It is this kind of passion that makes me want to support amazing local talent like Amanda. At the fair at any given point during the day you could find a little one (or sometimes even an adult) sporting the creative stickers featuring the main character from the Little Voice book.

“Knowing that my words can impact another person’s life is a pretty surreal thought. It constantly drives me to write things that can draw emotion out of my readers or inspire them to chase their own dream!”

That comment right there clearly demonstrates the love and passion Amanda has for her work. She told me that she turned down an American publisher because she wanted more creative control and wanted to stay true to her dreams. I can only commend Amanda for her bravery in deciding to self-publish her children’s book and her determination to make her dreams come true. She truly is an inspiring woman.

Her least favourite thing to do is when she has to turn down people who invite her to talk at events because she does still hold a day job (damn day jobs getting in the way of our entrepreneurial spirits).

When asked to give advice to someone just starting out? Here is what she says:

“Don’t get discouraged! Anything worth having always requires you to take the hard road ahead… But it will be worth it!”


I couldn’t have said it better myself. If you would like to purchase a “Little Voice” book you can find them online at or visit Chapters in South Keys and/or Kaleidoscope Books in the Glebe. Also make sure to give them a like on facebook, follow them on twitter (LittleVoiceBook) and Instagram (LittleVoiceBook) as well!

little voice

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