‘Hats For Life Designs’ An inspiration through creation.

Have you ever just been strolling down the street and seen someone wearing one of the cutest crochet hats you have ever seen? Well those are exactly the type of things that Sarah from Hats for Life Designs makes. She also might be one of the nicest people you could possibly ever meet. Her story starts a little sad when her mom had a hard time finding comfortable and stylish headwear during her chemo treatments and so they discussed combining her mom’s sewing abilities with her art/design background to create headwear for her and others in treatment. Several years later Sarah was now making mood boosting hats for one of her colleague’s relatives undergoing chemo treatment and shortly thereafter was making them for many people with a cancer connection. When the sewing machine broke, Sarah picked up the crochet hook again and combined portions from several patterns to create her first slouchy hat.

Life is really what inspires Sarah. She may have told us it’s nature but I think it’s Life. Her sunset blanket was inspired by the sunsets in Hawaii which includes colours that might not always go together like bright yellow and orange turning into the pinks and soft plum tones. Her bookpuches were created to fill a necessity of her own and they are absolutely genius products! Not sure what to get your mother for mothers day? Well check out Hats for Life because their Tiffany-esque bookpouch is an absolutely perfect mothers day gift.

book pouch

Sarah’s advice? Simple.

“You have to love what you do. It makes the difference; the passion fuels you. In business, an idea sounds great on paper but would you feel the same way at 2am? How about five years from now? Tony Bennett claims he’s never worked a day in his life. How is that possible? He LOVES what he does, and when you love it, it never feels like work”

Great advice! Check out the new Boho line from Hats for Life Designs, I mean a slouchy type beach bag is exactly the accessory every girl needs this summer! You can find Hats for Life on May 9th at the MAC Spring Craft Fair at Immaculatta High School on Main street.

boho bag

You can contact her through facebook as well!

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